Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology:
Human Health




"News Release: More Evidence for Moratorium on Synthetic Nanoparticles" (ETC Group)

"No Small Matter! Nanotech Particles Penetrate Living Cells and Accumulate in Animal Organs" (ETC Group)

"Beyond Biotechnology: FDA Regulation of Nanomedicine," by John Miller, in Science and Technology Law Review (PDF format)

"The big science of nanomedicine," from Red Herring Magazine.

Nanomedicine, website for the book by Robert A. Freitas Jr.

Nanotechnology links, from the International Center for Bioethics, Culture and Disability

Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE (NSF/DOC-sponsored report) (very large -- 6 Mb -- pdf document) is administered by: Chris MacDonald, (