Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology

Ethics & Nanotech:

"Nanotech is Novel; the Ethical Issues Are Not," by Chris MacDonald (in The Scientist)

"'Mind the gap': science and ethics in nanotechnology" (by Mnyusiwalla, Singer & Daar)

"The Ethics of Nanotechnology" by Andrew Chen

"The Ethics of Nanotechnology" (from Nanotechnology Now)

"Nanotechnology: Ethics, Environment and Health", compiled by Dr. Ron Epstein

"Ethical Administration of Nanotechnology", by Chris Phoenix

"Three Systems of Action: A Proposed Application for Effective Administration of Molecular Nanotechnology," by Chris Phoenix and Mike Treder

Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

"Responsible Nanotechnology: Looking Beyond the Good News," by Vicki Colvin, Director of the Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology, Rice University

Nanotech Ethics Resources by Topic

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Ethical & Social Issues in Nanotechnology

Other Nanotechnology Resources:

Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology

National Consultation on the Nanotechnology Industry in Canada, August 2002

National Nanotechnology Initiative (U.S.)
(includes terrific educational stuff for kids of all ages)

The U.K. Institute of Nanotechnology

"Nanotechnology: the Coming Revolution
in Molecular Manufacturing,"
from the Foresight Institute

Scientific American's coverage of Nanotech

Here's an excellent Nanotechnology resource page maintained by nanotech theorist Ralph C. Merkle. (See especially Merkle's very useful explanation of "Self replication and nanotechnology")

"'Nano' Suddenly a Gigantic Label" (Wired magazine)

Nanotechnology article from Wikipedia

See also:

“Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”, by Bill Joy


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