Moral Philosophy / Ethical Theory


Modern classics...

Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy, by John Rawls (2000)


Anarchy, State, and Utopia, by Robert Nozick (1977)

A Theory of Justice, by John Rawls (revised edition, 1999)    Freedom and Moral Sentiment: Hume's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility, by Paul Russell (1995)
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Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality, by Michael Walzer (1984)  

Liberalism, Community, and Culture, by Will Kymlicka (1991)

Liberalism and the Limits of Justice, 2nd ed., by Michael J. Sandel (1998)  

Taking Rights Seriously, by Ronald Dworkin (1978)

The Sources Of Normativity, by Christine M. Korsgaard (1996)   What We Owe to Each Other, by Thomas Scanlon (1999)

Utilitarianism: For and Against, by J.J.C. Smart and Bernard Williams (1973)  

Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong, by John Leslie. MacKie (reprint edn, 1991)

After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory,
by Alasdair MacIntyre (1984)
  The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory (Blackwell Philosophy Guides)
by Hugh Lafollette, (Editor) (1999)



Modelling Rationality, Morality, and Evolution (Vancouver Studies in Cognitive Science, Vol 7), by Peter Danielson (Editor)
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  Artificial Morality: Virtuous Robots for Virtual Games
by Peter Danielson
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Morals by Agreement, by David Gauthier (reprint edition, 1987)    





Introductory texts and anthologies:


The Elements of Moral Philosophy, by James Rachels


Moral Philosophy : Selected Readings, by George Sher (1998)
Ethics: A Pluralistic Approach to Moral Theory, 2nd ed., by Lawrence M . Hinman (1998)

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A Companion to Ethics (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy), by Peter Singer (Ed.) (1993)

  Morality: An Introduction to Ethics, by Bernard Williams (1993)

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