Business Ethics, Values and Society  


Clever As Serpents: Business Ethics and Office Politics, by Jim Grote, John McGeeney In Search of Ethics: Conversations with Men and Women of Character by Len Marrella

Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Between Right and Right, by Joseph L. Badaracco , Jr. (1997)  

Cannibals With Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business (Conscientious Commerce), by John Elkington (1998)

The Code of the Executive: Forty-Seven Ancient Samurai Principles Essential for Twenty-First Century Leadership Success, by Don Schmincke (Plume, 2000)  

Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in Business,
by Boye Lafayette De Mente (1994)

The Good, the Bad, and Your Business: Choosing Right When Ethical Dilemmas Pull You Apart, by Jeffrey L. Seglin, Norman R. Augustine (2000)   In Earth's Company: Business, Environment, and the Challenge of Sustainability, by Carl Frankel (1998)
Character Is Destiny: The Value of Personal Ethics in Everyday Life, by Russell W. Gough  

Leading and Leadership (The Ethics of Everyday Life), by Timothy Fuller (Editor) (2000)

Winning With Integrity: Getting What You're Worth Without Selling Your Soul, by Leigh Steinberg, Michael D'Orso  

A Better Way to Think About Business: How Personal Integrity Leads to Corporate Success, by Robert C. Solomon (1999)


Eighty Exemplary Ethics Statements, by Patrick E. Murphy (Ed.). (1997)  

How Good People Make Tough Choices: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living, by Rushworth M. Kidder (1996)

[Kidder is President of the Institute for Global Ethics]

Global Codes of Conduct: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (The John W. Houck Notre Dame Series in Business Ethics), by Oliver F. Williams (Editor)  

The Mission Statement Book: 301 Corporate Mission Statements from America's Top Companies, by Jeffrey Abrahams. Ten Speed Press, 1995.
Good Intentions Aside: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems, by Laura Nash (1993)  


Business in Government and Society: Ethical, International Decision-Making, by Frederick Maidment, et al. (1999)
It's Good Business: Ethics and Free Enterprise for the New Millennium, by Robert C. Solomon (1997)  

Common Interest, Common Good: Creating Value Through Business and Social Sector Partnerships, by Shirley Sagawa, et al (1999)
The Stakeholder Strategy: Profiting from Collaborative Business Relationships by Ann Svendsen, (1998)  

Ethics, the Heart of Leadership, by Joanne B. Ciulla (Ed.) (1998)
Beyond the Bottom Line: Putting Social Responsibility to Work for Your Business and the World, by Joel Makower (1995)  


Practical Business Ethics, by Warren A. French, John Granrose. (1994)

Beyond Integrity, by Scott B. Rae, Kenman L. Wong (Eds.) (1996)  

Leadership and the Quest for Integrity, by Joseph L., Jr. Badaracco, Richard R. Ellsworth (1993)

 Business Ethics Textbooks: 


Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings, by Marianne M. Jennings (1998)



Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases, by Manuel G. Velasquez

Business Ethics, by Richard T. DeGeorge. (1999)

Case Studies in Business Ethics, by Thomas Donaldson and Al Gini (eds) (1995)


Case Studies in Business, Society, and Ethics, by Tom L. Beauchamp (Editor). (1997)  

Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics (The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management), by Patricia Werhane, R. Edward Freeman (Editors) (1998)

Can Ethics Be Taught?: Perspectives, Challenges, and Approaches at the Harvard Business School, by Thomas R. Piper, et al (1993)    


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