Biotech Ethics Cloning, Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, etc.

BioIndustry Ethics, by David L. Finegold, Cecile M Bensimon, Abdallah S. Daar, Margaret L. Eaton, Beatrice Godard, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Jocelyn Mackie, Peter A. Singer EDITOR'S PICK! 

Guiding Icarus: Merging Bioethics With Corporate Interests, by Rahul K. Dhanda (2002)

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Biotechnology Unglued: Science, Society, and Social Cohesion, by Michael D. Mehta Ethics and the Business of Bioscience
by Margaret L. Eaton (2004)

The Commercialization of Genetic Research - Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues, by Timothy A. Caulfield and Bryn Williams-Jones (1999)

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Genetic Databases: Socio-Ethical Issues in the Collection and use of DNA, by Richard Tutton and Oonagh Corrigan (eds.) (2004)
Genethics: The Clash Between the New Genetics and Human Values, by David T. Suzuki, Peter Knudtson. ( 1990)   cover  EDITOR'S PICK! 

From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice, by Allen Buchanan, et al. (2000)

The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy, by Suzanne Holland, Karen Lebacqz, Laurie Zoloth (Editors) (MIT Press, 2001) The Human Embryo Research Debates: Bioethics in the Vortex of Controversy
by Ronald M. Green (Oxford Univ Press, 2001)
Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, by Francis Fukuyama (2002)   Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food, by Marc Lappe, Britt Bailey (1998)
Genetic Engineering: Dreams and Nightmares, by Enzo Russo, David Cove, V. E. A. Russo (1998)   cover Clones, Genes, and Immortality: Ethics and the Genetic Revolution, by John Harris (1998)
cover Exploding the Gene Myth: How Genetic Information Is Produced and Manipulated by Scientists, Physicians, Employers, Insurance Companies, Educators, and Law Enforcers, by Ruth Hubbard and Elija Wald
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  cover The DNA Mystique: The Gene As a Cultural Icon, by Dorothy Nelkin, M. Susan Lindee (1996)
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cover The Ethics of Human Cloning, By Leon R. Kass and James Q. Wilson (1998)
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cover Genetic Engineering, Food, and Our Environment, by Luke Anderson (1999)
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The Second Creation: Dolly and the Age of Biological Control, by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell, Colin Tudge (2000) Flesh of My Flesh: The Ethics of Cloning Humans: A Reader, by Gregory E. Pence (Ed.) (1998)
cover The Clone Age: Adventures in the New World of Reproductive Technology, by Lori B. Andrews (1999) cover The Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies, by Ruth Chadwick (Ed.) (2000)
cover Bioethics: Sex, Genetics, & Human Reproduction (MacMillan Compendium) by Warren Thomas Reich(Editor). Hardcover (December 1997)   cover The Ethics of Genetic Control: Ending Reproductive Roulette: Artificial Insemination, Surrogate Pregnancy, Nonsexual Reproduction, Genetic Control, by Joseph Fletcher. Paperback (March 1988)
cover Second Creation: The Age of Biological Control by the Scientists Who Cloned Dolly, by Ira Wilmut, Keith Campbell, and Colin Tudge (2000)
  cover The Human Body Shop: The Cloning, Engineering, and Marketing of Life, 2nd edn., by Andrew Kimbrell (1998)

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cover The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World, by Jeremy Rifkin (1999)
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  cover The Perfect Baby: A Pragmatic Approach to Genetics, by Glenn McGee (1997)
cover Cloning: For and Against (For and Against, Vol. 3) by M. L. Rantala, Arthur J. Milgram (Eds.). (1999)   cover Am I My Brother's Keeper?: The Ethical Frontiers of Biomedicine (Medical Ethics Series) Arthur L. Caplan, Robert M. Veatch, and David H. Smith (eds.)
cover Children of Choice, by John A. Robertson (1994)   cover Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes? (Horizon in Bioethics Series), by John F. Kilner (Editor), et al. (1997)
cover Engineering the Human Germline: An Exploration of the Science and Ethics of Altering the Genes We Pass to Our Children, by Gregory Stock, et al. (Eds.), (2000)   cover The Troubled Helix: Social and Psychological Implications of the New Human Genetics, by Theresa Marteau & Martin Richards (1996)
[Read a review of this book, by Dorothy C. Wertz, Ph.D.]
cover The Embryo Research Debate: Science and the Politics of Human Reproduction (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies), by Michael Mulkay. Hardcover (April 1997)   cover The Ethics of Biomedical Research: An International Perspective, by Baruch A. Brody (1998)
cover Human DNA: Law and Policy: International and Comparative Perspectives, by Bartha Maria Knoppers, Claude M. Laberge, Marie Hirtle (Eds.) (1997)   Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues in Biotechology, by Thomas H. Murray and Max Mehlman (2000)

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cover A Decent Proposal: Ethical Review of Clinical Research, by Donald Evans, Martyn Evans. Paperback (May 1996)
  cover The Ethics of Human Gene Therapy, by LeRoy Walters & Julie Gage Palmer (1997)
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cover Bodies in Glass: Genetics, Eugenics, Embryo Ethics, by Deborah Lynn Steinberg (1997)   cover Ethics in Research With Human Participants, by Bruce, D. Sales, Susan Folkman (Eds.) (2000)
cover Cloning: Science & Society (Ideas in Conflict Series)
by Gary E. McCuen (Ed.) (1998)
  cover The Future of Human Reproduction: Ethics, Choice, and Regulation (Issues in Biomedical Ethics) by John Harris (Editor), et al. Hardcover (January 1999)
cover Designing Babies: The Brave New World of Reproductive Technology, by by Roger Gosden (1999)   cover Disciplining Reproduction: Modernity, American Life Sciences, and 'the Problem of Sex,' by by Adele E. Clarke (1998) 
cover Feminism and Bioethics: Beyond Reproduction, by Susan M. Wolf (ed.) (1996) cover Beyond Regulations: Ethics in Human Subjects Research (Studies in Social Medicine), by by Nancy M. P. King, Jane Stein (Eds.) (1999)

Unprecedented Choices: Religious Ethics at the Frontiers of Genetic Science, by Audrey R. Chapman (1999)

Ethical and Legal Issues in AIDS Research, by Joni N. Gray, et al. (1995)
Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future, by Gregory Stock (2002)   Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Research, 2nd ed., by Robert J. Levine (1988)
The Frankenstein Syndrome: Ethical and Social Issues in the Genetic Engineering of Animals (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy), by Bernard E. Rollin (1995) Socio-Ethical Issues in Human Genetics by Bartha Maria Knoppers (ed.) (1998)
Vexing Nature? - On the Ethical Case Against Agricultural Biotechnology, by Gary Comstock (2000)

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Body Parts: Property Rights & the Ownership of Human Biological Materials, by E. Richard Gold (March 1998)


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