Essay #1 (Philosophy 1100)

Due Date: June 3 (in class)


Read "Morgentaler v. The Queen" (pp. 46-55 in your textbook). According to Madam Justice Bertha Wilson, what is the appropriate role for the state in general, and what does it imply about restrictions on abortion?

NOTE: For those of you who've had trouble getting the textbook from the bookstore, I've temporarily cut-and-pasted the necessary reading from the Supreme Court's website, and into a document here.

Value: 5% 
[Note: while the grade value of this assignment is small, the assignment is an important 'trial run' that will give you the opportunity to gauge your own abilities and to find out what kind of work will be expected from you.]


Rules & Requirements:

Length: 300 words (+/- 25). Provide a word count (e.g., "word count = 323").  Word count limits will be strictly enforced.
Essays should be word-processed, double-spaced, "normal" font (e.g., times new roman, Arial). Use 12-point font. Staple your pages together. Please provide a cover page with your name, student number, the title of your paper, etc. No binders or plastic covers, please. Papers not meeting these requirements will be penalized.

You do not need to use outside research materials.


Important Warning About Plagiarism:

"Dalhousie University defines plagiarism as the presentation of the work of another author in such a way as to give one's reader reason to think it to be one's own. Plagiarism is a form of academic fraud.
Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offence which may lead to loss of credit, suspension or expulsion from the University, or even the revocation of a degree."
    (from Dalhousie's policy on Intellectual Honesty, April 2001)

Note also that cutting-and-pasting phrases, sentences, or paragraphs from the Web into your essay also constitutes plagiarism. If you use someone else's words or ideas, you must give them credit. It's O.K. to make use of ideas you learn from someone else, so long as you make it clear what's been borrowed. If you have any questions about this please contact me!

See also the excellent Dal Libraries web-page on plagiarism.